Ten Little Indians

Created for Action Images in Lincolnwood, Illinois, near Chicago.

The Star Stuck Series is based on the memories alot of us had when we were young...dreaming of being a sports hero.

Each piece depicts a group of youngsters all decked out in somewhat baggy uniforms of their favorite hometown heroes while gathered nearby the local ballpark or stadium. As they play out their dreams they also see their team's logo formed by the stars in the sky often accompanied by fireworks and/or shooting stars.

The artwork was mainly used as 16" x 20" posters or 8" x 10" prints. Other items produced using these paintings include: limited edition prints printed on canvas signed & numbered by me, Event program covers, and T-shirts.

The figures are all based on my son Aaron who is a real sport when it comes to posing for me. Thanks Buddy!

The images of the stadiums are made up from looking at aerial views and imagining what it would look like at ground level. I owe alot to my perspective teacher, Mr. Casler.

All these paintings were done around 18" x 24" - oil on illustration board.

Action Images owns the copyrights but I own the original artwork.

© Alan Studt