Neil Young Clay Figure

This photo shows a clay model of Neil Young that was designed to stand on a record rack as a promotional item.

The base of the stand was made to look like a barn floor similar to a photo from Neil's "Harvest" album.

I don't recall the purpose of the assignment but in Mr. Sallows cartooning class we had to make a 3D cartoon figure. Maybe he was looking for a Pillsbury Doughboy type of figure. But I chose to do Neil Young. I used to dress like Neil even before I knew who he was. Aaaanyway, this figure was destroyed on the way to school the morning it was due. I put it on top of my car as I, and the five others riding with me, put our portfolios and all the stuff we had to drag everyday in the trunk. Well duuuuuhhhh, I drove off with Neil still on the roof. He was smashed by the PAT Transit bus behind me. Some guys at the dorm who witnessed the accident brought the pieces to school for me. About halfway to school one of the guys said, "Hey Al, show Mike your cartooning project". Yikes!!!!! I realized I'd left him on the roof of the car! I got an "A" on the guitar, which miraculously wasn't smashed, and the other pieces. The only other "whole" piece was the head. I kept it and the guitar for quite a while. Not sure where they got to. This debacle ranks up there with the time I was loading up the car at home to leave for school and dropped a pile off stuff. I picked up the mess to find an original 45 of "Yesterday" had broken in half. I haven't been that clumsy or absent minded for quite a while.

Actual size is around 12" tall
- Some kind of clay and acrylic paint.

© Alan Studt